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3-week old corpse found decaying in residential water tank


With all due respect, the bad type of “mineral water”

On Wednesday, South Korea’s Gumi-City police department reported to have found the body of a 38 year-old male in a residential water tank that services 18 residential homes and 50 people. When residents of the apartment complex expressed complaints about how the tap water all of sudden smelled fishy, the building administration board sent a service engineer to inspect the possible causes of this odorous issue. The caveat is that the inspection took place roughly 2-weeks after the first complaint.

The inspector immediately called the local authorities when he found the decaying corpse of a male adult lying face down in the water tank. “The body was bloated and the stench was unbearable,” said the man in an interview with Chosun TV.

The police confirmed the identity of the deceased as Chinese national Mr.Wang(no, I will not speak ill of the dead) who had worked on a crew of a ship in nearby Pohang. Mr.Wang was an undocumented immigrant worker whose working visa expired roughly three months ago. Residents also testified that Wang had loitered in his underpants and scavenged through trash cans installed within the apartment complex.

In a padded coat laid next to the water tank, a note that presumably was written by the deceased claims that he had not received 5.4 million won ($4,600) in wages from his former employer. Police autopsies reveal that because there are no signs of externally inflicted violence, murder is highly unlikely and that suicide is the most likely explanation of the death. Mr.Wang had no in-town acquaintances.

The polluted water was used by residents of the apartment for drinking, laundry and cooking over the course of three weeks. Unimaginable, even by The Walking Dead standards. The mayor of the municipality quickly removed the water tank and has dispatched a water dispenser, a medical staff team and psychologists to tend to the traumatized residents.

With all due respect for the deceased, whatever the reasons may have been, what was supposed to be a very personal act will remain a critical low blow to the physical and mental conditions of 50 civilians. I imagine that the neighborhood distilled water retailer is having a pretty week though.

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