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 With DAILY BAKE, news isn't just effortless.

It becomes hilarious. 

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on new episodes, newscard articles and service updates! 

We'll re-bake the world just to your liking: Fresh, Simple, Real and most of all, FUN!

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Minus any intense effort of course.


To our KICKSTARTER members!


Thank you for your support backer!

Depending on your pledge, you've been awarded one of the following membership tiers:

Glinian Membership

Golden Glinian Membership

Platinum Membership

Apart from the physical membership card, we want to eventually provide

special benefits to our Kickstarter members. As Daily Bake develops, we envision

providing a wide array of services, be it mobile games (scheduled for early 2017 release),

purchasable goodies and other expanded services and content. 

We appreciate your support and will make sure you eventually receive a

wealth of benefits in line with your awarded membership status.

Please stay tuned for updated information!



Thank You! You'll hear from us soon!

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